Memory lane: The Yellow Dress

I remember the morning like it was yesterday.  We were all gathered around the tree and of course I had the most gifts!  Yes it’s true I was the spoiled one.  I wasn’t the “spoiled brat” but I was the “spoiled princess”.   I had waited all day for Santa to come and it was finally here.  So it was my turn to open my gifts and I won’t ever forget this moment. With so much excitement I opened a medium sized box.  It was heavy and wrapped in the prettiest gold paper I had ever seen with a beautiful red bow. Santa must of had his best elf wrap my gift.  I heard music and when I pulled my gift out it was a water globe.  Inside the globe was a beautiful woman with a pretty yellow and pink dress.  She had similarities of Bell from Beauty and the Beast.  The globe played the song “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack. I loved it!

It’s been several years since I got that gift, but one day as I was working in the prepress room. Peggy Weiss brought in one of her newest pieces, Twirling.  It’s of a pretty woman twirling in her yellow and pink dress.  All I could think of was my childhood memory of my water globe.  I was so deeply in love with this piece that Peggy Weiss had created that I had to get one for myself.

It hangs in the bedroom of my new sweet little girl, Eliana.  I hope that this picture brings her joy like it brought me.

It amazes me how these pieces that different artists bring in can remind me of memories that I will cherish forever.  Did you ever run across an art piece of ours that reminded you of something when you where a child?  If I were you I would look at ALL of our art pieces and you will be amazed of how one of them can bring back a memory.  So try it, and why don’t you tell us about it.  We would love to hear.


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