The Canvas Gallery Wrap Explained

The canvas gallery wraps most literal description is: a piece of canvas that is stretched over stretcher bars (you can think of this as an internal frame).  Here at Gallery Direct we’ve perfected this system (since it’s one of our most popular items we get LOTS of practice!).  Once we’ve printed the image you’ve chosen for your canvas gallery wrap it is cut down and taken to our framing area.  Here is where the flat piece of canvas transforms into artwork that comes to your door step ready to hang.

The canvas is printed with 2″ of cloned borders around the image for stretching/wrapping around the 1.75″ stretcher bars.  Our production team carefully stretches the canvas so it’s even and straight on the stretcher bars while neatly stapling the canvas to stay in place.  From this point hanging wire or D rings are added to the back of the piece — Tada!  A finished piece of artwork!  Check out the video to see how a gallery wrap is created.

Although the system of creating canvas gallery wraps is generally pretty simple, you may be asking “what is the deal with cloned borders?”.  This process is a great way to make the illusion that the piece continues around the stretcher bars without losing any of the image to sides.  To create the cloned borders for each image we take the 2 inches closest to edge of the image you’ve chosen and clone (you can also think of this as mirroring) them to create the borders that will wrap around the the stretcher bars.  The pictures below show what the cloned borders look like.  As you can tell generally images with peoples faces close to the edge of the image don’t work well for the cloned border process.  In those cases we’d suggest using a white or black border, so there isn’t a third eye or double forehead situation.

Sample of cloned borders - Arrow indicates the start of the cloned borders

Cloned borders gone bad - Notice the double forehead & eyes

Cloned borders gone bad - Notice the double forehead & eyes








The canvas gallery wrap is a great way to display artwork for any space!

Cheers! Brooke

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