Fine Art on Birchwood- New Product Launch

When we started our trials, making “fine art on birchwood,” we just couldn’t believe how indistinguishable the artwork’s look was from that of an original. For this reason, of the rigid substrates Gallery Direct offers [aluminum, mirror, acrylic], birchwood is our new favorite.

Recently, an interior designer-client asked me to describe the look and specifications of fine art on birchwood. I visited our production floor to inquire and was surprised to find out the material is the same birchwood sheet, bought at a Home Depot. I love that simplicity. In fact, all of our trial runs were created with birchwood sheets, purchased at the Home Depot down the street.

We created a video to show off this new medium. We think it turned out great. We’re very happy with the work Candice is producing in the little studio we carved out for her at the back of our facility.

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