Gallery Direct Artwork in the MLB Fan Cave, what goes around comes around

Last month, the folks at “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” asked us to donate artwork to the MLB Fan Cave

We really enjoy the relationship we have with “EM: HE” and their designers.  So when the design team, headed by Paul DiMeo, asked Gallery Direct to donate artwork to this first of its kind dream lair, where one lucky fan gets locked in a lush baseball fantasy world to watch every one of the 2430 Major League regular season games. We said, “YES!”

Since “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is involved, you know the project can only be over-the-top because Everything “EMHE” does is over-the-top! The designers selected one giant mural for us to create and twenty-two other images. We’ve really enjoyed seeing the whole thing develop. You should take a look.

We get asked a lot, “That partnership you have with ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ must really pay off?” We have to say, “That’s not why we did it. We love the show. We love the lives and communities the show assists. End of story.”  Of course, nobody’s buying it; they think it’s part of some corporate “cause marketing” campaign. Whatever!  “EM: HE” found us randomly, doing a search online. No PR firm was hired to make the alliance. But make no mistake, when we see our artwork hanging each week in the “walk-through,” it makes us feel pretty awesome. What goes around comes around.

So, we were honored to be asked to beautify the walls of the MLB Fan Cave.  And if you’re asking, “Is it going to pay off?” We’ll reply, “Who cares? It’s just super cool!”

[above: Paul DiMeo personally hanging new work by M. Drake: Frank Sees]

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