What the heck is marouflage anyway?

3000 years ago, during the Iron Age, an artist thought it would be safer to paint a grand work on canvas and adhere it to a wall after its completion.  The technique is called “marouflage.”

Artist #1: “The King gave me carte blanche to paint a mural in his new dining hall, whatever I want!”
Artist #2: “Carte blanche from the King is a one way ticket to digging your own grave, should he not approve of your grand opus.”
Artist #1: “Good point! What if I produced a work in the studio first, presented it to him for approval, and then affixed it to the wall?”
Artist #2: “Sounds like you just saved your neck and should keep the King’s favor.”

This is how we imagine marouflage was invented and we think, 3000 years later, it’s time to adorn your castle with it. BUT examining the history of marouflage, the techniques to adhere the canvas were sometimes quite toxic.  We’ve remedied this.

Coming very soon, you will have the ability to order our entire collection as a mural, [we’d like to use the word marouflage, but think it might be too freaky for folks].  The results from the pre-release trials are amazing, like this new image [above]  from our artist Sara Abbott, now hanging in the communications center.  Aside from the awesomeness of our entire line available on mural, the product will be green.  Our eco-friendly latex inks and PVC-free wall covering will meet the GREENGUARD indoor air quality certification requirements, and it’s easy to install and removes without damaging your walls. Nice.

We’ll let you know when the new mural [or marouflage] capability hits the market.

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