The Best Holiday Decorations Ever

Maybe you hate them or love them; one thing is certain, the holidays are upon us. This means you might be involved in some entertaining very soon.  Like kicking off your shoes at airport security only to find you have a hole in your sock, you might not want to be caught off guard this year.  So here’s your reminder: if folks are coming over, you might consider doing the best holiday decorating ever- Get Your Walls Some New Artwork!

While our business-to-business channel New Era HD slows to a screeching halt during the holidays, Gallery Direct gets a huge spike.  Why?  Major construction and building projects are either finished up by the holidays or take a pause, as budgets await renewal (in Q1) and immigrant workforces return home to visit family.      

On the consumer-side (that’s us) people start to freak when they know they’re about to have company over.  They don’t want guests staring at the decor like a nasty hole in their sock.  But who has the time or the money for a major home renovation project?  New artwork is the answer for many people.  It’s the holiday season that led Gallery Direct to first strive for the 48 hour turnaround time we ship most orders.  This is quite a feat when you are making every order custom and on-the-fly, but we worked hard to make this a reality. 

The best part about redecorating with artwork at the holidays—whether you’re eating latkes or fruitcake—is you don’t have to box anything up or store it away in the attic.  Our decorations are meant to be enjoyed year long. Nice.

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