When people do not share your good taste- decorating with others in mind

We just revamped our art buying guide, which goes live early next month on gallerydirect.com.  We basically redid it for our new partner’s site, a major brick and mortar who happens to be major e-com player, too.  Nice. 
We put a little extra love in the document. Drawing from our experience of over ten years, picking the brain of our Art Director, and throwing in a little Jungian psychology for good measure, we feel the guide will help you find the right image, pick the perfect size, hang at the optimal height and so on. 

Who wants to make a mistake? Buy the wrong clothes, buy the wrong car, buy the wrong house, etc.  To avoid erring, we advise our guests to choose what they like, first. Does this mean pick the art you like and the “others” be damned? Yes, actually, it does mean that. Taste is not universally shared. You can’t please everyone, so start with pleasing yourself.  This is why, in the new guide, we strongly urge you to start with finding an image that leaps out as a strong emotional connection, like a favorite song.  It’s your checkbook, if you are not absolutely sure you love the image, you will not be able to live with it for years to come.

Decorating with artwork is as subjective as it gets.  As hilarious as arguments about taste may be, they are simply pointless because taste is subjective, too.  I like chocolate. You like vanilla.  Are you going to convince me vanilla is better than chocolate by arguing an eloquent case? Probably not.  “So hey Cupcake, when it’s my hard earned money, I’ll buy my delicious chocolatey things, and with your dough, you can fill your face until the cows come home with vanilla.”

From there, we instruct you how to use the artwork itself as a means to create harmony in the room. So, if someone viewing the image doesn’t share your excellent taste—meaning they aren’t connected to the image as you are—they will, at least, be able to appreciate the picture’s ability to create harmony in the space.  Sort of like, “Julia Roberts is great looking even though her mouth is enormous.” Meaning she has so many wonderful features you can look past the size of her mouth.    

We want you to have your cake and eat it too. Find images that please you and work toward creating harmony within your home or office. We’re not going to lie; decorating with art is kind of an art form.  We’re happy to lend some pointers.  We’ll announce when the new art buying guide is updated on our site.  If you can’t wait until then, I suppose you’ll figure out who our new partner is. You can hunt it down there on Monday.

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