Canvas Photo Printing – Brought to you by our good friend: BLING!

It’s fascinating how many digital photo printing sites are fighting for a page one google ranking. Why are there so many photo to canvas printing sites? More people have digital cameras and businesses want to make money from this market for ultra-personalized artwork. But, why do folks want to turn their lives into artwork? That’s the question, and the answer’s as obvious as a 25-carat cubic zirconia: “BLING!”

Two small New York subcultures captured the media attention in the mid-1970s, Punk and Hip Hop (sorry England, you can’t take credit for birthing the Punk, only proliferating it). Little did we know it at the time, but these two subcultures would battle it out to become the dominant marketing-cultural paradigms of the Western World. Let’s meet our candidates.

Both Punk and Hip Hop are “folk” movements, not in a musical sense, but in a grassroots sense. The subcultures gave hope to their participants though artistic expression, simultaneously creating unity while seeking empowerment. The different tools the subcultures employed were not limited to music, but also included how you speak, how you dress, and how you move. Both subcultures used the DIY (do-it-yourself) mantra to unify and increase the member-base, and provided very basic requirements for their members. The DIY mantra then expands to “Just do it,” express yourself first, worry about progressing your talent second. Can’t play your guitar very well? That’s not a requisite to be on stage; use what you’ve got to convey your message (Punk ethos). Can’t sing? You can rap; you just need something to say (Hip Hop ethos).

Where the two subcultures greatly differ is in their view of the Establishment. Hip Hop always sought to become part of it, to attain the values, the objects, and the status of the Establishment. Punk sought to destroy those values.

Moreover, Punk, rooted in Western-culture, reinforced self-deprecation as a means to stand-out for its participants. This is a very European concept to make fun of yourself. Hip Hop, rooted in African-culture, reinforced self-glorification as a means to stand-out. This is the dominant cultural standard in the Western World today, to stand-out, to say “LOOK AT ME.” This is why today Hip Hop is still Hip Hop, but Punk–with its destroy the establishment and self-deprecation message–morphed or splintered into many different movements: Indie-rock, Post Punk, Emo, Hipster, and the like. Likewise, regardless of how one’s talent pushes the artist to success, the artist must always be leery of his talent and the Establishment, celebrating it.

In the end, maybe it’s better to kill yourself and avoid becoming part of the Establishment? As evidenced in the suicides of Ian Curtis of Joy Division and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Do you think Jay-Z or Kanye would ever “off” themselves? Hell No.

In contrast to Punk’s self-deprecation is Hip Hop’s belief that the individual and the celebration of the individual are paramount. No matter your income bracket or talent level, people should shine like stars, BLING! Hip Hop’s greatest contribution to the world is BLING! You matter most; start acting like it, even if it proceeds your current status. Conceive + Believe = Achieve.

So while you might hear a Ramones’ song selling cars or a Clash tune hocking soda, the world we live in is not Punkland, but Planet Hip Hop. Today’s world is about self-celebration, not self-deprecation. Advertising revolves around self-celebration. Television revolves around self-celebration and is the chief contributing factor to the proliferation of Reality TV and YouTube. BLING!, where everyday people shine like stars. So, why are there so many digital photo canvas printing sites? BLING!- consumer products revolve around self-celebration, too.

BLING! is for any income bracket, from Oprah to Jessi Slaughter. Canvas Photo Printing is a medium, offering a low cost, high-quality solution to turn yourself into a work of art™. You don’t need to commission an artist to celebrate your fabulous life. You can just upload and have it turned into wall decor.

We sell an astronomical amount of photos on canvas. We’ve been at this for ten years, and we’re amazed the orders show no signs of slowing down. We’re launching a micro-site, dedicated to handling just photo upload. It will be very easy to use with an incredibly slick design; because things need to be simple, so people can get back to their fabulous lives. Aside from our quality and price being the best for digital photo canvas printing, the user will not be limited to just canvas. Just like, the new micro-site will offer alternative media and framing options. BLING! If you really want to celebrate your fabulousness, you might consider printing your digital photo on a mirror!

Footnote: Eminem blew up to hyper-stardom because he was the first to mix the self-deprecation of the Punk-tradition into Hip Hop, a little something for everyone.

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