We have the biggest ears in the art business. Thanks for noticing!

Sometimes, it can be very painful listening to feedback and the egos of our developers get a little bruised. But having the best selection of fully customizable artwork online doesn’t amount to much if usability is an issue. So we solicited feedback from you and worked with a couple of third party quality assurance (QA) folks. We listened, rolled up our sleeves, and improved our site for you.

Here’s the list of site modifications, added to improve usability and your overall experience.

Advanced Filters by Subject
At a high-level, browse through various art subjects/themes quickly. Nice.

Advanced Filters by Artist
Quickly search through all the artists. Just like that.

Check out the search by color function. Find exactly what you need. Easily match artwork to your wall color, furnishings and home accents. Accessorize away!

We also added a Help section, outlining our satisfaction guarantee, shipping policy, return guidelines, and site FAQ. How cool is that?

Other improvements include:

We re-designed the header and left bar navigation menus to be more intuitive. Navigate faster than ever.

The art product pages now display larger images and more descriptive keyword phrases to help you narrow down the search.

Check out the new “Others also Bought” section on category and product pages to help provide more art ideas.

We added a product carousel on the home page. This helps you see our most popular bestsellers.

Don’t you love it when companies actually do what you say? We’re really listening to your comments. Please keep them coming.

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