The happy accident and your photo on canvas, or paper, or metal, or acrylic

We think the digital camera might be one of the most significant inventions of all time, particularly, the gazillion megapixel cameras of today.

The digital camera didn’t close down photo development sites or put photographers, en masse, out of work. The digital camera’s contribution is simple, yet profound: the amount of people capturing time increased exponentially.

Recently, our friends at Fotolia taught us a new term, “the happy accident.” It’s that one image out of dozens or even hundreds, which makes you go, “WOW!” The one that looks like a professional took the picture, the one that says I have to upload it and turn it into hang-able wall decor. The image that makes you say, “I want my photo as canvas wall art, or framed on paper, or recreated as art on metal, acrylic, or even mirror.”

At Gallery Direct, we’ve now reproduced thousands of happy accidents for customers. Most of the images are absolutely stunning. If the photo upload user could consistently reproduce images such as the ones we’ve turned into wall art, we would sign some of these folks to limited edition fine art publishing agreements. Therein marks the difference between professional and amateur photographers.

A professional photographer can capture compelling images readily and without fail. An amateur photographer, such as my 13 year old niece, will take about 2500 pictures to find one happy accident!

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