Fine American-made Artwork meets Hyper-Pluralism, how cool is that?

A close friend of mine once owned an Aston Martin. It was truly a beautiful car. Inside the door sill, on the driver’s side, there was a little personalized plaque that said, “Handbuilt in England for Derek A.” I thought that was a nice touch.

What does Gallery Direct have in common with Aston Martin? We hand-make each image to your specifications right here in Austin, Texas. Another correlation is Gallery Direct, like Aston Martin, is a mark of supreme quality. Where we differ, thankfully, is affordability. Fine Art For Everyone is our mantra, and everyone here takes this message seriously. Another difference, Derek waited five months to take delivery of his Aston Martin. We ship our clients’ custom-made artwork in two to four days. Nice.


We’re quintessentially the new style of American art company: combining the quality and customization of a luxury brand with the value and price of a normal household purchase. We are the largest limited edition fine art publisher, printmaker and artisan framer in the world. This means we do it all: we find the artists and the artwork; we market and recreate the art ourselves. There is no middleman between the artwork and your walls. Our commitment to “Made in the U.S.A.” resonates in the artists we promote, mouldings we offer, the glass, matboards, paper and canvas we buy. The ink for our über-green, latex printer is made in Puerto Rico, which is technically not the U.S.A., but really close! We’re proud to be creating fine American-made artwork for 10 years. Enough about us, let’s talk about you.


Gallery Direct makes a special experience for the guests to our site, providing you with all the tools that a gallery curator and an interior designer would covet. This is a new genre of art: hyper-pluralism meets fine art production. You create world class fine art by harnessing — literally — millions of images, specifying the size, the medium, and framing options, sent to us in an instant and custom-made for you on the fly. Every image you select is available as framed wall art on paper, canvas art, fine art on acrylic, metal art and even imagery presented on mirror; or, make artwork from your photos. Turn yourself into a work of art™. You can’t do that in China. Actually, I don’t know of anywhere you can do this. Not even offers the type of granular customization we do, and Gallery Direct is still the lowest price on the web. Not even the online canvas printing services can compete with us: not on price, not on quality, and not on customization.

The only thing we might be missing is little plaques on the artwork, “handbuilt for _________ in Austin, Texas.”

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