Am I hip enough for art on metal or am I just part of history?

Metal art has a historic / symbolic quality. The media is the message, almost as much as the artwork that’s created from it. Metal connotes progress, historical periods (e.g. Bronze Age), and adornment (e.g. jewelry). It’s unique among fine art media.

Metal as it fashioned household items coincided with its usefulness as a medium to display ancient man’s aesthetics. In fact, art on metal allows modern man a glimpse at ancient man’s life and culture. Who may have conquered the culture, which deities the culture worshipped, and even what their diets consisted of.

Metal also tells us the not-so-ancient man’s story, particularly the stuff he was purchasing. An antique-collector friend recently gushed to me about a pristine cache of old advertisements on metal he acquired. I asked, “Would those be as meaningful, if they were paper signs?” He laughed.

To this end, we’ll take our crack at being part of history. We offer our entire line on metal, and we sell a fair bit of it. All of our images — particularly colorful abstract — look brilliant on metal. Artwork on aluminum has an enhanced luminescence. It’s shiny; it’s sleek, très moderne!

Ironically, our top seller is vintage art on metal, mainly the artwork of Cappiello. Folks are trying to recreate an old time look with a more modern feel, and based on the prices my friend charges for his antique metal signs, I think you’d be better off going Gallery Direct!

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