Oversized framed art and large canvas artwork: an addendum to the new rules of remodeling

Today’s article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The New Rules of Remodeling is a fantastic read, not only because it seems to forecast hope for the U.S. economy, but it also highlights the wherewithal of the American homeowner. The housing market delivers blows, and the American homeowner learns, reacts and adjusts. We love reading stuff like this.

Many of the economic factors discussed in the article by M.P. McQueen are influencing Gallery Direct’s business, for sure. Our business is up 65% from last year. People are smarter about remodeling, as homeowners realize they need not worry about flipping their houses, but concern themselves with “making their homes more comfortable for a longer-than-expected stay.” We are very grateful to be part of this movement.

We also think there is a paradigm shift in home decorating today. The DIY ethos is moving from the blood-sweat-and-tears legwork of doing it yourself to the role playing of designing it yourself: thinking like a designer, not working like a dog. Television viewers, tuning in to HGTV, see just how difficult it is to DIY. Moreover, who wants to spend Saturday afternoons on home improvements, hanging wallpaper on 20+ foot ceilings?

It’s no surprise that oversized framed art and large canvas artwork are the number one selling categories for Gallery Direct. We’ve made our entire line customizable, which means every image can be reproduced huge. It seems oversized artwork has replaced wallpaper, beautifying walls everywhere. Homeowners know, in the end, it’s not about the process of a job well-done, but the end result of a room well-designed, and this is an addendum to The New Rules of Remodeling.

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